Global Practice

Global Practice of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing

Occupational health nurses (OHNs) focus on the health and safety of worker populations and are a vital resource for the global development and expansion of occupational health programs and services. The AAOHN biannual Global Summit was developed in response to a recognized need for knowledge exchange and discussion on global efforts around OHN's roles, education and training, research, evidence-based best practice, and workforce issues from an OHN leadership and management perspective.

Summits address the contributions of occupational health nurses (OHNs) to a global healthy workforce and provided a unique opportunity for a broadly based group of U.S. and international health care researchers, occupational health nursing practitioners, and educators to exchange information and knowledge. The Summit is a platform for exploring innovative strategies to enhance and sustain OHN best practices that contribute to a healthy workforce in global, diverse settings. There have been two Global Summits: 2011, Health and Safety of Workers at Home and Around the World, and 2014, Occupational Health Nursing Across Borders: Fostering a Global Culture of Health

These five posters depict occupational health around the world:

Occupational Health in Asia Pacific

Occupational Health in North America

Occupational Health in South Africa

Occupational Health in South America

Occupational Health in European Union 

Workplace Health & Safety has an International Occupational Health column that is devoted to articles from authors and on topics about occupational health nursing from around the world.

AAOHN has prepared an easy referenced Resource List on International Occupational Health Nursing (link to pdf) that provides continent and country basic nursing education requirements, other training after basic education, whether there is a country-specific specialty in OHN and certification for OHNs.

International Occupational Health Nursing Resource List