OPOH research funding call in climate change and health

 We are pleased to announce that the Wellcome Trust Our Planet, Our Health (OPOH) programme will soon be releasing a call for research funding in climate change and health, on Friday, 17 August. This call will seek proposals in three areas:

  • Developing methods, resources and tools for climate change and health research, such as innovative modelling approaches, digitisation or translation of existing resources, or data base linkages.
  • Documenting the health co-benefits of climate change mitigation strategies, such as the benefits of reduced air pollution from shifting to renewable energy sources.
  • Evaluating the health impacts of climate change adaptation interventions, such as national climate action plans or municipal heat action plans.

Expressions of Interest (EoIs) will be due on Thursday, 11 October; those applicants invited to submit full applications based on their EoIs will have until January 2019 to submit them. The funding range will be up to £500,000 (in extraordinary circumstances, larger proposals may be considered). The call will be posted on the OPOH web site.

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